The devil’s Press Conference (details)

“Well, here I am! The devil I have brought the word, fig, end of the world and a grapevine for you.

I come to my lot. Not from here or there, but I have gathered myself from every dimension of fragmented space and time. However, I am not embodied this time round. I could hobble, have hooves or wear a chequered jacket, from underneath which a fair-size donkey tale could stick out. I could be a real local little god or an unmistakable Pannonian celeb. There is ample choice… However, if I am embodied, you will focus on my appearance, instead of what I have to say.  

It’s midnight on a Saturday. It’s great to be home, down here in the dregs of the earth in the company of my old loyal friends. I quite fancy this city Budapest, along the banks of the Danube. I have been here and there over the centuries: Florence, Moscow, New York; Toscana and German provinces and every nook and cranny of the North Atlantic civilisation; however, this is the place where I really feel at home, in this roast of a city.

Unofficial source, result of leaks. The final public version may differ significantly from the currently published text.